Available from 2pm – 5.30pm
Monday to Sunday
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Traditional Afternoon Tea

Includes a two-cup pot of tea or two other hot drinks.
18.5 per person

Traditional finger sandwiches served on brown and white bread

Pulled ham, mustard, maple
Egg mayonnaise, rocket
Smoked salmon, cream cheese
Cheddar, caramelised onion

Homemade fruit and plain scones, clotted cream, raspberry jam

Caramelised biscuit and toffee cake
Chocolate cheesecake
Spiced carrot cake, cream cheese frosting
Champagne & strawberry tart

Add a glass of Prosecco 7
Children’s Afternoon Tea 7.5
Cream Tea 8
Homemade fruit and plain scones, clotted cream, raspberry jam and a hot drink of your choice (excludes alcohol)

Vegetarian, vegan & gluten-free 18.5

Choose your Tea

About Hope & Glory®

To tea or not to tea, quite simply, is never the question. At Hope & Glory, we believe that the tea you take should always be top notch. At Hope & Glory we’re devoted to boosting Britain’s love affair with tea, we’re a British company mad about tea.

We offer only premium speciality teas, unique, hand-picked, whole-leaf, organic, fairtrade and sourced solely from ethical growers whom we’ve personally sourced.

Delicate Collection

Organic Earl Grey

A scented black tea which may be taken with or without milk. Earl Grey is scented with Bergamot Oil. Bergamot Oil is a probable hybrid of the sweet Lime which gives this blend a distinct citrus character.

Organic Jasmine Pearls

This is a classic hand-rolled green tea with the delicate and clean scent of Jasmine. Always best enjoyed without milk.

2nd Flush Organic Darjeeling

A light and delicate organic black tea which, ideally, should be taken without milk. Darjeeling, known as the Champagne of teas represents less than 5% of Indian tea production but are their most famous teas.

Organic Chaquoing Green

A mellow, classic, organic green tea from the luscious gardens of Sri Lanka known for some of the best Green teas in the world, producing an attractive bright, clear liquor.

Organic Relax Tea

A 100% organic Chaquoing green tea and infusion blend that has been carefully created for its delicate and healthy tones.

Signature Collection

Organic Masala Chai

A full-bodied blend of organic Ceylon black tea and spices. Masala Chai derives from Hindi literally meaning ‘mixed-spice tea’. Spices such as cardamom and cinnamon have been expertly blended to give a warming, rich blend of flavours and a sweet aroma. Can be served with or without milk.

Organic Red Velvet

A mouth-watering fruit blend, this tisane is 100% organic and naturally caffeine free. Beautifully deep ruby red in colour with a zingy complexity of juicy orange and ripe berry fruit flavours. This tisane is always best served without milk.

Organic Vanilla Chai

A signature Chai recipe unique to Hope & Glory® - blending the ingredients of our award-winning Organic Masala Chai with natural vanilla to create a sweet, spicy fragrant tea experience. Try it the traditional Indian way – brewed in a pan with milk and water.

Nuturing Collection

Organic Rooibos

This smooth, mellow tisane is 100% organic and naturally caffeine free. Our Rooibos derives from the finest leaves of the Rooibos or Red Bush plant in the Cederberg mountains of South Africa. Rooibos produces a wonderful deep amber brew, naturally sweet and smooth, and is perfect with or without milk.

Organic Peppermint

This refreshing tisane is 100% organic and naturally caffeine free. Peppermint has traditionally been used to aid digestion which makes this a perfect after-dinner drink.

Organic Chamomile

This smooth, mellow tisane is 100% organic and naturally caffeine free. Only the finest whole chamomile heads have been selected for this infusion which produce a light & delicate brew. Chamomile is traditionally revered for its soothing properties which makes this a perfect drink to relax and unwind. To sweeten try adding a teaspoon of honey.

Classic Collection

Organic English Breakfast

A lively, full bodied blend of Assam and Ceylon organic black teas. Assam providing body and thickness and Ceylon brightness and citrus character. This blend is best served with milk.

2nd Flush Organic Assam

A full bodied, organic black tea sourced from the Assam region of North East India. The tea estates of Assam follow the fertile floodplains of the mighty Brahmaputra River, a hot humid region at sea level. Assam teas are renowned for their strength, thickness and malty character and are best served with milk. Second flush Assam is a seasonal tea, with the best quality teas being plucked during the month of June.

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Don’t forget to specify "afternoon tea" at the time of booking.
Can be made Vegan
Gluten Free
Menu is subject to change.

Allergen Information

Some of our menu items contain allergens and whilst we try our very best to ensure your food is suitable for you, our food is prepared using shared equipment and stored in areas in which allergenic ingredients are present. As a consequence, we cannot guarantee that dishes are 100% free from allergenic ingredients. Our allergen information, that is available upon request, details which dishes contain allergenic ingredients as intentional ingredients. Ingredients may have changed since your last visit, please ask a member of staff for further details.